About US

Corbett River Valley Resort is a magnificent lodging option with warm hospitality and a relaxing stay for those looking to indulge in the calm and serenity of nature. It is nestled in the lush green panoramic splendor of Jim Corbett, Uttarakhand.

If you want to submerge yourself in the wilderness of the exotic forest, theCorbett River Valley Resort offers the finest lodging in Jim Corbett National Park. A magnificent retreat with warm hospitality and a pleasant stay is offered by Corbett River Valley for the visitors who want to take in the tranquillity of nature. In contrast to a resort, it is more like a “home away from home.” It’s a contemporary luxury resort with tasteful furnishings, delightful food and captivating views of the surrounding. In any case, Corbett River Valley is the place to go if you’ve ever pictured yourself enjoying a lavish tropical getaway.

Why ch0ose us

Luxury Amenities

We have chosen luxury facilities for our hotel from reliable reputable brands

Best location

The location of FT is perfect and very central, so it's convinient for moving.

Friendly Staff

Our staff are helpful. They respond all questions of clients in a happy way.

Special Offers

Have special offers to help clients save money and receive special benefits.