Jim Corbett Park Resort

Welcome to Corbett River Valley Resort, located in the verdant heart of nature, where opulence and the wild collide. Our resort, which is tucked away on the edge of the magnificent Jim Corbett National Park, welcomes you to a luxurious world with the wild splendor of the forest.


Take a trip that skillfully combines luxury and adventure to escape everyday life. We’re excited to share with you how you can save a tonne of money on this unmatched getaway at Corbett River Valley Resort, which offers more than simply a place to stay.


After a day of discovery, our resort offers a variety of lodging options, from comfortable cottages to roomy suites, all of which are intended to provide you a relaxing retreat. Relax in the lap of nature while taking in the ideal fusion of contemporary conveniences and rustic charm.

Special Offers

The goal of Corbett River Valley Resort is to make your visit both inexpensive and unforgettable. Take advantage of our exclusive deals, which include free meals, lowered hotel rates, and safari booking at Corbett. Our specially designed promos meet every requirement, whether you’re a family on an adventure, a couple looking for a romantic trip, or a single traveler.

Dining Delights

Experience the flavors of the area at our on-site restaurant, where talented chefs use ingredients that are acquired locally to create delicious dishes. Enjoy complimentary breakfasts and candlelight dinners beneath the stars as part of our special offers.

Adventure Awaits 

The Jim Corbett National Park, which is nearby, is enticed with its varied fauna and stunning scenery. Utilize our affordable safari packages to discover the park’s treasures with knowledgeable guides who breathe life into the jungle.

Making Travel Arrangements

Are you prepared to get a great deal when visiting Corbett River Valley Resort? To access these amazing deals, just visit our website or give our booking staff a call(+91 9810312884). Act quickly, as these offers are intended for individuals who desire both the excitement of adventure and the satisfaction of financial savings.


Corbett River Valley Resort is more than just a place to visit; it’s a doorway to a world where elegance and the natural world live in perfect harmony. Make your reservation today to take in Jim Corbett National Park’s unmatched beauty and reap the savings that will make your trip even more enjoyable. Here at The Corbett River Valley Resort, your journey begins!