Welcome to Corbett River Valley Resort, the epitome of luxury and nature’s embrace, and your entry to the best resort in Corbett National Park. Our resort, nestled in unspoiled woods, offers a unique blend of richness and tranquility, providing an amazing getaway from the mundane.

Let Nature’s Peace Surround You

Step into a tranquil world where the soft murmur of the Kosi River blends with the rustling of leaves and birds chirping. Corbett River Valley Resort provides a haven for guests to unwind amidst the tranquil beauty of their surroundings.

Enjoy Luxurious Accommodations

Our luxurious cottages and suites are intended to be a haven of luxury and relaxation. Each room is elegantly designed with natural components that mix nicely with the surrounding wilderness. The spacious balconies provide spectacular views of the Kosi River and the verdant hills, inviting guests to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature.

Explore Wildlife Adventures

Jim Corbett National Park, a wildlife enthusiast’s paradise, provides several opportunities to encounter gorgeous creatures in their natural habitat. Explore the park’s immense expanse on thrilling vehicle safaris, guided nature walks, and birdwatching expeditions.

Discover Culinary Delights

The Riverview Deck, our in-house restaurant, tantalizes your taste buds with a delightful combination of Indian and foreign food. Freshly prepared dishes made using local products highlight the region’s culinary heritage. Enjoy your meals while enjoying spectacular river views, offering an exceptional dining experience.

Dining Delights

Savour the gastronomic delights at our in-house restaurant, which features a menu that represents the region’s diversity. Our chefs create a gastronomic journey that matches your stay, from local specialties to international food.

Corbett River Valley Resort: Your Destination for Memories

Corbett River Valley Resort delivers an amazing experience whether you are looking for a nature hideaway, a romantic retreat, or a family adventure. Our commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness ensures that your stay has a low environmental impact while creating memorable memories.

Book your stay today and embark on a journey of discovery at Corbett River Valley Resort. Let us be your gateway to the enchanting wilderness of Jim Corbett National Park.